LocalEyes will become a comprehensive resource management system and local social network for all communities. It will be made of numerous different layers of information all with the potential to connect people in some way. It will eventually ‘PersonalEyes’ as much local information as possible to the indivudual effectively creating a proactive social engagement tool. Similar to StumbleUpon, except geographically orientated and local to the user.

Our journey is to:

VocalEyes > LocalEyes > PersonalEyes

With oil prices rising sharply and with the ever increasing need to reduce our carbon footprints, reconnecting to everything local is becoming essential. In short, we need to make a transition away from oil dependency into a sustainable & resilient future.

LocalEyes Brochure - Front

LocalEyes Brochure – Front

This is easier said than done, especially when using trying to use the internet. More often than not, when existing websites are drilled down to a very local level they are sparse on content. This is where “LocalEyes” comes in.

LocalEyes Brochure - Back

LocalEyes Brochure – Back

LocalEyes will assist people in connecting to other local people with similar interests, local groups, products, events, news, topics, car sharing journeys, businesses, their promotions etc., to create a comprehensive community resource.

We also know that there is little or no dialogue between our community, district and county councils and the residents they represent and with so many methods of communication available to us in this day and age, this is wholly unacceptable.

The VocalEyes element of LocalEyes transforms this lack of communication creating a powerful consultation tool, not only to enable a dialogue between councils and their residents, but that also enables people within a community to be self organising.

VocalEyes Logo

i.e. if I need 50 people to make my organic food box scheme profitable or 1500 people to support a wind turbine project, VocalEyes enables me to identify my market (the demand) before I initiate the service (the supply).

LocalEyes is a comprehensive and easy to use online communications tool with exciting potential for building and enfranchising communities at a local level. It is currently being designed in West Wales and piloted in the UK to meet pressing 21st Century needs for social and environmental progress. When fully developed, it will facilitate a). horizontal communication within communities at the most fundamental level, that of local neighbourhoods, and b). vertical communication between those communities and the wider world including local and national government.

The aim is to create a powerful tool that will, inter alia : – enable the rebuilding of local social infrastructures; restore democracy at a local level; encourage local communities to be more cohesive and self-reliant; facilitate “green” initiatives to reduce carbon footprints through sharing and co-operative action; open up new markets for advertising and market research services; enhance the prospects of local businesses; and, create and maintain local employment.

LocalEyes has already won plaudits and awards for innovation and community contribution, including being nominated for ‘The Revolutionary Award’ and hailed as ‘The One to Watch’ in Gordon Brown’s recent Social Innovation Awards. It’s potential for creating major social change has also been recognised and warmly welcomed by a number of social and environmental groups, including the Transition Towns movement.

There have been many initiatives to get the internet to work at a local level, but, because they lack scale, ambition and wider potential, they eventually fail through lack of support, a dependency on voluntary manpower and inadequate funding. LocalEyes is fundamentally different from other such initiatives in that it will : – be self-financing; be driven by paid and trained contributors in local communities; be a multi-functional tool on a number of levels; and, have a national as well as a local functionality and presence. LocalEyes will utilise crowd-sourcing to provide local resources everywhere. Contributors will be self employed and paid on a formula that ensures commercial viability at every level.