What is it? It’s a comprehensive resource management system for local communities.

Any resource you can measure becomes a layer of LocalEyes. That might be people’s skills, local groups, their activities, items to swap, sell, freecycle, carbon footprints, happiness and wellbeing.. through to our housing stock, the green and grown field sites, our horticulture and geology.

Many of these tools already exist in silo on the internet, but as yet there is no application that can query all the resources available in an area, enabling joined up efficient thinking and planning.


Why is this important? A comprehensive resource management system that is open and available for public use will be a very useful tool when trying to kickstart new initiatives. Through the VocalEyes tool, the priorities of local communities can be identified at which point LocalEyes will be able to highlight and recommend local resources available to complete the project.

VocalEyes is the current priority, as though this decision making and crowdsourcing application (within the LocalEyes toolkit), organisations and communities can clearly identify their priorities and begin to turn them into impactful actions and tangible projects.

As the other resource mapping applications are developed within LocalEyes, they will assist this process of making projects happen on the ground by identifying relevant local reseources available.

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