LocalEyes Overview & Route Map

It’s not easy to sum up all the work we’ve developed over the past 10 years but the core offer I think we bring to the table is a route map for engagement at the grassroots level in our society.

This route map consists of 3 core elements:

  1. the digital platform & process
  2. the engagement strategy
  3. the capacity

The digital platform and process is VocalEyes > LocalEyes > PersonalEyes.

VocalEyes - LocalEyes - PersonalEyes - Project Flow Diagram - v3 - 150dpi


More info in each of these steps:

VocalEyes : http://about.vocaleyes.org

Empower all types of communities to engage in collective decision making and identifying their priorities. Then help them crowd resource/fund the best ideas into action. Then take these best projects to scale across other similar communities. We have gained proof of concept at Pembrokeshire College who have now transformed student engagement from less that 100 interactions in 2011/12 to over 24,000 interactions (ratings, ideas & comments) in 2012/13 with lots of tangible actions arising.

Such is the obvious scope and potential of this service that in April this year the college employed a person full time to sell and deliver VocalEyes to every college & university in the country and also locally to organisations within the county.

And what ideas will the stakeholders suggest? Lots to do with the specific running of the organisation in question but also, they will (and are) suggesting the layers of LocalEyes as depicted in our flier (link below).

LocalEyes : http://info.localeyes.org

Create a technological toolkit to aid the transition. LocalEyes aims to become a comprehensive community resource and proactive local social network for any community whether that be geographic or of interest. Its bringing together many of the services we are already familiar with including groups, their events, campaigns, news; people, their skills, interests; a local marketplace to buy, sell, swap, freecycle, community carbon footprinting, car sharing, happiness indexing .. and the list goes on .. I’m sure you yourself will be able to think of other really useful tools that become “layers” that would be of benefit to people in communities, to help them connect and become more resilient.


Take the information within LocalEyes and personalise it to individuals to create a proactive engagement tool whether that be around their social or professional interests.

The Engagement Strategy : crucially we bring the engagement strategy which operates from a point of self interest, or psychological strength as you might say 🙂

Incorporating all the “big data” generated on the able platform with all forms of existing local media i.e. local radio, newspapers, notice boards etc. The local newspaper in Pembrokeshire wants to see VocalEyes alone as its own 8 page insert every month as well as running along side existing press releases to make them more interactive : mock up here: http://community-voice.org . This newspaper is part of a network of 300 local newspapers so proof of concept here and this is how we take the project to scale at the local level.

The Capacity : is the people power to support, handhold & help implement community engagement strategies by working with NEETS (not in education, employment or training) & volunteers in training programmes to teach them new skills for this participative society. These will focus on roles such as:

VocalEyes Coordinators : http://blog.vocaleyes.org/pilot-vocaleyes/vocaleyes-coordinators/

LocalEyes Community Builders 

Through their 6 month placement they work with real organisations and add value by extracting ideas from the stakeholder communities to improve business efficiency, and develop products & services, in short they will help reduce costs and increase profits. The organisations then begin to pay for this service and jobs are created.

In this way, organisations adopt democratic principles from a point of self interest and the entire system as a whole starts to move away from old systems that no longer serve us to systems that benefit people, society and the world at large.

With the tools and infrastructure in place we collectively take to scale projects such as:

  1. Social banking  with cooperative principles such as the Bristol Pound and people move away from profit distributing banking systems
  2. Local food initiatives, People’s Supermarkets, crowd purchasing and pressure groups to force the big players to change the way they operate
  3. Local energy projects etc…

We will also coordinate our voices more effectively, providing a far stronger and clearer message to be able to lobby our political system to ensure the necessary policies are changed and that politicians have a clear mandate to act on our behalf.

Its in this way that we believe we can make the necessary changes being demanded from humanity at this time .. and within the very short window of opportunity that is being presented to us by people like Andy Atkins, Chair of FoE Europe .. it would seem we only have 3 to 4 years until we reach the point where climate change will become irreversible! :-(( If we reach this point and we still have all these collective answers on the table but they haven’t been implemented comprehensively we will be kicking ourselves to put it v. mildly!! Not to mention how we will explain this to our children!


VocalEyes, one aspect of the LocalEyes initiative, is our current focus.
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